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When will eSIM becomes available for DNA matkanetti 4G simcard?

Hei, when will eSIM becomes available for DNA matkanetti 4G simcard? It doesn't makes sense that it is not possible to have eSIM for some of the DNA's own services. Could these request be forwarded to the concern team or manager? It would be really nice if DNA can bring up eSIM for DNA matkanetti service too.
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  • Hello! If your DNA Matkanetti is ordered with a broadband connection (cable, fibre etc) then unfortunately eSIM won't be possible for these subscriptions. If you need a connection with eSIM, you'll have to terminate that subscription and get a DNA Liikkuva subscription:
    DNA Iiro palveluasiantuntija
  • Can this request be forwarded to concern DNA Matkanetti team for a possibility to have as a eSIM? I am sure I am not the first person to request this possibility, i believe it would help to lots of customers too.

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