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Hi, I am new customer, id:xxxxxxxx, and would like to log in to my online account in order to pay my bills. Because so far I haven't received any bills and that is making me slightly nervous. Unfortunately, I don't have a Finnish bank account yet, so I'm not able to log in. Would it be possible for you to check whether I have an account and how I could access it?
Many thanks!
David Kohns


  • DNA Edit 14.12.2022// Tuija: Customer number removed because of public online page.
    DNA Tuija
  • Hi David!

    Unfortunately you cannot create a DNA ID (DNA Tunnus) for signing in to the self service portal if you haven't got Finnish bank account codes yet. Please do not hesitate to contact DNA Customer Care if you would have got some questions about your invoices, tel. 044 144 044 ( mon-fri 8-18) or send an e-mail to If you send us an e-mail, we need identification information in the e-mail, such as your customer number or date of birth, your contact telephone number and home address.
    DNA Tuija

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